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What sets us apart

Often companies think of audit (and other QA activities) as a cost, and yes, it does cost money to hire an external auditor. However, involving an auditor early can actually save you money, and reduce pressure on the organization. By identifying issues earlier you will have a faster time to market, and less issues once a Notified Body or a regulatory authority comes around to see how you are doing.

Additionally, it is expensive to provide training to inhouse auditors to ensure they are competent, and stay competent. As an external auditor staying up to date is what I do, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I provide training to MDSAP, MDR and ISO, both as Mock audits (probably the best training you can provide your employees with) and as bespoke audit and regulatory training on-site.

We deliver our services to more than 30 well known an
acknowledged companies world wide