During my audits some of the recurring training gaps that I encountered were on auditor qualifications, and CAPA competences. Companies would frequently ask “but where do we find good training on this?”. Look no further, Quality-Audit now offers the following in-house training:

How to audit MDD requirements

The MDD is still of interest to some clients. Products may be on the market until may 2024, requiring manufacturers to audit the system according to the MDD if their certificate is still valid after the transition date in may 2020, and that means that internal auditors still must demonstrate competence in auditing the MDD.

This course is 4 hours of training on how to audit the MDD requirements. Auditing the regulatory requirements is necessary to show compliance, but most internal audit training does not sufficiently cover this. Get your auditors up to scratch with this training session.

How to audit MDR requirements

The MDR is coming into full force in may 2020. Internal auditors must be competent in auditing the MDR requirements, but it may be difficult to translate the MDR to auditable requirements.

This course is 4 hours of training on how to audit the MDR requirements. Remember that the new European regulation has added a lot of requirements to the QMS and the technical documentation. Add to your auditors competence with this training.

CAPA training

This course is 4 hours of training on Corrective and Preventive Actions. Includes “Traditional CAPA Handling” and “Lean CAPA Handling”. The course contains practical training and group discussions.

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